So you're looking for cute stuff, huh? That's a rather broad inquiry, no? I mean there's cute animals, adorable children, cute haircuts, cute GUYS--don't even get us started about cute girls. Hold on to your ovaries (and whatever corresponding gland governs the cute-response in men) because it's about to get real in here.

    He calls it "barking up the beat"
    If only every fail could be so comfortable
    He's hunting ice weasels
    Kids are the worst. I'm glad I was never one
    That's why it's called a doggy door, jerk.
    Science is puuuuurrrrfect
    48 Best Cat Videos on the Internet
    Cats really need to step it up in 2010
    South Park wasn't kidding. A real 24-hour puppy channel!
    This makes my goat fan site look like garbage
    4-year-olds make the best motivational speakers

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