So you're looking for cute stuff, huh? That's a rather broad inquiry, no? I mean there's cute animals, adorable children, cute haircuts, cute GUYS--don't even get us started about cute girls. Hold on to your ovaries (and whatever corresponding gland governs the cute-response in men) because it's about to get real in here.

    Monkey Comes Over For Brunch
    Cat+Baseball Hat=Turtle
    The Angriest Angry Bird
    This Pug Does Not Trust What's Going On
    Vote For The Best Dog Picture on the Internet
    The Most Badass Baby on Earth
    Dogs Imitate Baby's Crawl
    Reverse Roles: Dog Rubs Human's Head
    21 Dogs Dressed as Other Animals for Halloween
    One of These Pugs is Not Like the Other
    The Moment a Dog Realizes It's at the Vet
    How to Tell If Your Puppy Has Been Involved in a Sex Scandal
    Meet the Real Batgirl: Girl Feeds Bat Using Her Face
    Little Girl Has Amazing Dance Off With Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man
    All Hail King Roomba Dog

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