So you're looking for cute stuff, huh? That's a rather broad inquiry, no? I mean there's cute animals, adorable children, cute haircuts, cute GUYS--don't even get us started about cute girls. Hold on to your ovaries (and whatever corresponding gland governs the cute-response in men) because it's about to get real in here.

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    14 More Animals Looking into the Camera With Cheesy Smiles
    Puppy Born With Mustache is Classiest Canine Ever
    I'm Not Positive, But It Seems This Little Girl Loves Strawberries
    No Dog Has Ever Been This Ready For Dinner
    Dog Runs Up the Hill, Slides Down the Hill
    Kid's Face
    Little Girl Dancing On The News
    Suspicious Dog Is Keeping An Eye On You
    Kid Charges $1 To Touch Hair
    The Infant Formerly Known as Prince
    Kitten Meets Iguanas And Freaks Out
    Best Pixar Logo Impersonation Yet
    Cat Gets Eaten by Shark
    Large Dragon Skull 'Discovered' on UK Shore

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