So you're looking for cute stuff, huh? That's a rather broad inquiry, no? I mean there's cute animals, adorable children, cute haircuts, cute GUYS--don't even get us started about cute girls. Hold on to your ovaries (and whatever corresponding gland governs the cute-response in men) because it's about to get real in here.

    8 Animals That Can't Believe They Just Did That
    Super Mario Pup Eats Super 'Shroom
    Puppy Does Trick, Gives Owner High-Five
    Cat Really Loves Taking a Bath
    Awesome Truck Driver Stops To Rescue Kitten
    Pew Pew Pew!
    The Bunny is Just Straight Chillin' in the Bath
    P*ssy Magnet
    College Student Leaves Behind Something Special in Dorm Room
    Awesome Graduate and Her Equally Awesome Graduate Service Dog
    Important Owl is Late for Business Meeting
    Cat Dressed as a Shark on a Roomba Chases Duckling
    Goofy Sting Ray Just Munchin' on Some Lettuce

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