So you're looking for cute stuff, huh? That's a rather broad inquiry, no? I mean there's cute animals, adorable children, cute haircuts, cute GUYS--don't even get us started about cute girls. Hold on to your ovaries (and whatever corresponding gland governs the cute-response in men) because it's about to get real in here.

    10 Jamming Backseat Babies
    Adorable they are
    Aww, in less than a year they'll be able to maul humans
    Is everyone else aware of how awesome animals are?
    Are you ready for some awwwww?
    The Internet can be used for good
    Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!
    I just OD'd on adorable
    8 Cutest Ukulele Girls
    They put the ador in 'adorable'
    Cute Handheld Bunny Sneeze

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