Explosions, collisions, eruptions, and destruction make any boring day eventful. The only feeling better than building something is watching it burn to the ground.

    15 Times Gordon Ramsay Was the King of Insults
    12 Reasons Why We Can't Have Nice Things
    Gourd Horror: 14 Gruesome GIFs of Pumpkin Torture
    Little Girl Smash
    Chill Dude Is About To Get Arrested
    Unless it's manual, then that's the clutch and the brake is in the middle. And emergency brake could either be a hand brake or a foot brake on the far left. You really should be writing all this down.
    This is why you never pick up bear hitchhikers.
    Is there a roofer in the house?
    Thor is really trying to start shit here
    Even the Earth needs the occasional colonoscopy.

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