Explosions, collisions, eruptions, and destruction make any boring day eventful. The only feeling better than building something is watching it burn to the ground.

    I would have moved the lamp instead of taking the picture, but we all have different priorities. Besides, if he had done that we wouldn't have anything to talk about in this space, would we?
    "Great Night.  Horrible Morning."
    And I just got it washed!
    "This is a good sign that the party went well."
    "This guy is so fired."
    Clean up sucked
    "This WAS our patio"
    "Found on the 10th floor- gotta love drunk people"
    "My car.  Totalled.  I found a birds nest in my back seat."
    drunkenness and boredom
    "IU's Kappa Sig house...after a long night of partying."

    Nothing found...

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