Explosions, collisions, eruptions, and destruction make any boring day eventful. The only feeling better than building something is watching it burn to the ground.

    Houses: half off.
    "That was a wild party last night."
    "A bit of a belligerent party"
    "This is what happens when the huge guy on the left decides it would be a good idea to run into the dorm room wall at full speed.  The hole connects directly to the girls bathroom next door."
    Finals stress? Take it out on your microwave!
    Iowa riot aftermath...
    Signs of a good party.....(man down)
    "Before my friends car was to be taken to the junkyard.  We decided to mess it up with a maul, spraypaint, and a brick.  Cops couldnt do anything because it was his car.  This bulldozer even crashed into it for us (swear to god).  It was an awesome friday
    "Isabel 1 My Car -3" How did your car win?

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