Diaper Change Becomes Violent Interrogation
    Sign Offers Choice Between Condoms and Diapers
    The Meatloaf Baby's diaper covers a pig in a blanket.
    But the book was "Everyone Poops!"
    Call me crazy, but I do trust him
    "The people of Tennessee are proud of their lush surroundings and will use any chance available to let you know about it; even if that chance is an old fridge full of dirty diapers on the side of the road."
    Plus, now you can poop at your leisure all night.
    Uh oh, my watch is caught.
    Ummm those diapers were supposed to be a gag gift.
    Honey, just go. The ninja in the diaper says it's okay.
    But mommmmmmmmmm, I want to go to the candy shop!

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