From the smallest puppy to the biggest pooch on the block, canines are the top dogs of all animals, and anyone who disagrees is barking up the wrong tree.

    Shocked Boxer Dog
    Helmet-Wearing Dog Rides on Motorcycle in Man's Overalls
    Dog is a Drool Machine
    Dog vs. Electric Toothbrush
    Human Forces Dog to Smile
    Dog Stretches over Tub to Avoid Bath
    Dog in Cow Cookie Jar Looks Like Strange Animal
    Dog Gives Cat a Back Rub
    Dog Loves Trains
    Weird Dog Kneeling Like a Guy in a Dog Suit
    The Russian Justin Bieber
    Dog in Car's Gas Tank
    Brother Looks Like Dog, According to Facebook Post
    Dog Blows Bubble Gum Bubble Through Butthole
    Duck Fetches Like a Dog

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