From the smallest puppy to the biggest pooch on the block, canines are the top dogs of all animals, and anyone who disagrees is barking up the wrong tree.

    Dog Gettin' It
    Found Dog
    Bad Dog Watches Doggy Porn on Laptop
    Dog Feels Bad for Knocking Over Christmas Tree
    Bird on Saddle Rides Bulldog
    Dog's First Time in the Snow
    This Baby Is the Ugly Duckling
    Dog is Hyena Ed from Lion King
    Bitches Be Crazy Get 'Em Spayed
    Dog Does Spot On Impression of Nicole Scherzinger
    Dog in Denial About Growing Up
    Dog Carries Smaller Dog in Basket
    Man Votes for Gay Dog
    Turtle Bullies Dog
    Just a Dog Fighting a Lobster with a Spoon

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