Guy Pushes Against Non-Existent Window, Breaks Door
Door is Too High Off the Ground
Exit Labeled "Not an Exit"
Door Says Both "Push" and "Pull"
Baby Stuck in Door
Exiting is your final test.
Half dog, half kite, all awesome.
"See anything you like? Just purr."
"We did this to our roommate's door when he went home for spring break. The best part was that his mom helped him carry stuff up to his room when he got back."
Ohhhhh, so that's what they do.
"I got home to find my door covered in 250 feminine hygiene pads. Tampons were strung festively from the upper edge of my doorway, some soaked in crimson juice. A card was on my door, wishing me the best throughout my tumultuous journey towards womanhood.

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