Dorkly Bits: Luigi Meets Waluigi
Dorkly Bits: Ken Wants to be Ryu
Dorkly Bits: Mario is Too Mainstream
Dorkly Bits: Ski Free Yeti Gets Desperate
Dorkly Bits: Link Finds Ganon's Weakness
Dorkly Bits: Final Fantasy Thief Steals Wallet
Best of Dorkly: Mario is a Furry
Dorkly Bits: Ash Gets a Digimon
Dorkly Bits: Zelda's Boyfriend
Best of Dorkly: The Night Before Mario's Christmas
Best of Dorkly: NES Ninja Turtles Theme Song
Dorkly Bits: It's a Wonderful Extra Life
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Best of Dorkly: Judgemental Mortal Kombat
Best of Dorkly: Smash Bros. Fatalities

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