dorm door

    Seth from SuperBad goes to college.
    "For the last fucking time dude, can I borrow a DVD?!"
    I wish I was sleeping with Angelina Jolie!
    Know what works better than duct tape? Cement.
    "His door is covered with wet paper towels, toothpaste, and shaving cream. On the floor is 32 cups full of water with some attached to the door handle. Around the cups is half a bottle of liquid dishsoap, toothpaste, and ketchup packets. The door is tied
    That's what she said!
    Wait a second... I'm Alex!
    "A bunch of drunk kids decided it would be awsome to take letters the RA had made and stick them in a random order above her door.Subsequently, she was pissed."
    Stuck with nowhere to put the water.
    There were 8 cookies, but "Belly" ate the rest.
    "He lost his dry eraser markers. He accused another guy of taking them, and then chucked a board at him. When he left, we nailed all the boards to his door. Also, it turned out the markers just rolled under the heater in the hall."

    Nothing found...

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