dorm prank

    "He lost his dry eraser markers. He accused another guy of taking them, and then chucked a board at him. When he left, we nailed all the boards to his door. Also, it turned out the markers just rolled under the heater in the hall."
    Dorm prank, or the world's largest water pong game?
    That door drank so much it passed out.
    "Hayback is a bitch"
    "Our RA said that our pranks were lame..."
    Garbage men.
    "We packed as much packing popcorn and shredded newspaper between the door and this wall of duct tape as we could fit... When they open the door, it wall all fall into their room and they will will see the 6 foot penis we drew on the back."
    "This is what you get for leaving your door unlocked."
    T & A & T & A & T & A & T & A & T & A & T & A
    "Never ditch your roommates for your girlfriend."

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