"Watching him puke during the opening credits, pass out for the whole thing, and wake up just enough to be oblivious was much more entertaining than the movie itself."
Almost escaped.
Oh he's just buzzed.
Come on, get up! Pee and rally!
If peeing your pants is cool, this guy's Miles Davis.
"Yeah mom, I'm okay. They haven't harmed me."
Honey, just go. The ninja in the diaper says it's okay.
"My roommate decided to pound too much jungle juice and proceeded to get in a fight with a wall. As a result, his tooth got chipped off. He was so blacked out he didn't even feel it. He also sent his mom this email at 230 in the morning:hey mom,i fell ton
Girl on Girl Action
"Don't give your wasted friend a police baton."
"It was the kid's birthday. He got pretty wasted and went into the late night dining hall and drank a half a bottle of olive oil. Then, he poured the rest on himself. Then, he took random people's drinks and poured them on his head. He ended up falling an

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