duct tape

    Anti-gravity prank.
    Know what works better than duct tape? Cement.
    Skydiving on a budget.
    Take one down, pass it around...
    How to fix a hole in the wall.
    Stuck with nowhere to put the water.
    Step 2 of the prank, set the dorm on fire.
    Alcohol is the mother of invention.
    "Redneck time out."
    "My friend Zach was talking shit about he was going to stay up all night. He was messing with everyone who was went to sleep. That's him under the duct tape."
    "Forty five minutes after he woke up, he freed a hand and cut himself loose with a paring knife.  He then went on a rampage with a fire extinguisher.  And those are pans with silverware on his back to let us know when he wakes up."

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