You don't have to be friends with, know, or even like, Mark Zuckerberg to have a Facebook profile. You used to need a college email address to sign up, but now it appears the only requirements are a willingness to send creepy messages, poke, or share political opinions via status updates and comments.

    Tudors? Like that Showtime show?
    And in 'this is going to end badly' news...
    Man, must've been a terrible birthday for her
    Mark Zuckerberg Did Not Enjoy 'The Social Network'
    There's a difference between Facebook and heroin?
    "My limited edition Blu-Ray of Precious"
    My password is bornyesterday.
    Clearly she was memorable.
    Nah, they're for the ghonorrea
    I dunno man, condoms are like 10 bucks now
    Fuckin' A you might want to rephrase that.
    It's the beginning of a meme as we know it
    Well, that escalated quickly.

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