There's nothing that'll brighten your day than the shame and humiliation of others. There are any numbers of ways to fail epically, just make sure that when you do, someone is there to capture your embarrassment.

    Bicycle Nutplant
    Stealth Cat Fail
    News Producer Flips Out
    News Anchor Congratulates Coworker's Breasts
    The Worst Cover Band Performs "Cocaine"
    Kick Return Fail
    Baby Gorilla Fail
    Crotch-in-the-Face Subway Prank Goes Terribly Wrong
    Mall Santa Gets Stuck Hanging from the Ceiling
    How to Lose $2400 in 24 Seconds
    Batman-ing Fail
    Jackson Fails Bike Jump and Mom Gets Mad
    Boy Impressing Girls Fail
    Leaf Blower-Powered Office Chair Spinning

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