Silicon Valley has advised us all to fail fast and frequently. Here at CollegeHumor we've always emphasized failing FUNNY. People of Walmart, rejoice. Your time is nigh.

    Cubs Jersey Ponytail Fail
    Kid in Vending Machine
    Mom in Purple Tights Gets Around
    Tattoo Grammar Fail
    Girl Spilling Drink on Friend
    Ridiculous Baggy Pants
    Madonna's Magical Super Bowl Halftime Act
    Bad Speller Hates it When People Misspell Words
    Computer Mouse Hacked by Anonymous
    Vagina Monsters Ahead
    New Year's Resolutions: A Month Later
    Facebook SOPA Protest Fail
    Facebook Flirting Fail
    Hockey Player Has Drinking Problem
    Super Jacked Dude Might Not Actually Be That Jacked

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