Silicon Valley has advised us all to fail fast and frequently. Here at CollegeHumor we've always emphasized failing FUNNY. People of Walmart, rejoice. Your time is nigh.

    Tudors? Like that Showtime show?
    Self Promotion Gone Horribly Wrong
    And in 'this is going to end badly' news...
    The most unfortunate stock photo ever
    A wild Snorlax appears.
    Man, must've been a terrible birthday for her
    There's a difference between Facebook and heroin?
    All of Justin Bieber's CSI Scenes
    Nah, they're for the ghonorrea
    'See me after I can give you a high five'
    Guy Scores Own Goal With His Butt
    Epic Indiana School Billboard Grammar Mistake
    "Of course" *Computer explodes*
    Fail 101: How to look stupid

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