Cat Takes a Leap of Faith
Granny Almost Falls Out of Harness While Skydiving
Skateboarder Falls, Lands Safely
Literal Faceplant
Man Tries to Catch Giant Spider with Bowl
This Is How To Lose Your Dignity In 30 Seconds
Gymnast Knocks Over Sawhorse, Causes Gymnast Pile-Up
Siri Rejects Your Reality and Substitutes Her Own
Alligator vs. Scientist
Woman Bets $11,000 on "What" in Jeopardy
Groom Kicks Bride's Head
Fart Failure
Photographer Ruins Wedding Video
Cheerleader Kicks Self in the Face
"Ana" Written on Window Looks like "Anal"
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jeopardy Fail

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