There's nothing that'll brighten your day than the shame and humiliation of others. There are any numbers of ways to fail epically, just make sure that when you do, someone is there to capture your embarrassment.

    9 People Who Lost To Treadmills And 1 Who Won
    Guy Stumbles on Treadmill, Loses Pants
    Iron Chef Judge Loves "Peanis"
    Bloody Body Parts Included in Luau Headquarters
    Every Flag Wrong Except for USA
    Guy Tries to Look Tough with Pet Rabbit
    The Summer Fail Sweepstakes
    Idiot Misses Easy Goal Twice
    Lighter Trick Fail
    Sobriety Test Fail
    Kid and Gun Are a Surprisingly Bad Pair
    Olympic Gymnast Falls on Her Face
    The Biggest Fail of the 2012 Olympics
    Guy Gets Stuck in Gym Equipment
    Olympics 2024

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