Silicon Valley has advised us all to fail fast and frequently. Here at CollegeHumor we've always emphasized failing FUNNY. People of Walmart, rejoice. Your time is nigh.

    Ballerina In Purple Dress Isn't Graceful
    Shirt Says Rape Instead of Rope
    Stripper Breaks Pole
    Man Selling Truck Doesn't Do A Great Job
    Guy's Pants Fall Off After Trampoline Fail
    Lady Gaga Punches Dancer in Face
    This is What Perfect Timing Looks Like
    Do You Know Who Shot You?
    Newspaper Picture Fail
    Starbucks Instructs Employees To Wash What?
    Watch This Guy Run Into Subway Doors Like a Boss
    Cheaters Never Win!
    Babes 'R' Us
    This Sign Has Questionable Morals
    Little Girl Tries Out New Gymnastics Move, Fails

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