Silicon Valley has advised us all to fail fast and frequently. Here at CollegeHumor we've always emphasized failing FUNNY. People of Walmart, rejoice. Your time is nigh.

    Bike Lock Fail
    Spoons Labeled Forks
    Girl Faceplants On Back Of Shopping Cart
    Test on Einstein Fails at Offering Viable Answers
    Jew Exchange
    Girl Fails at being on the Eiffel Tower
    Unimpressive Beer Bottle Trick
    Dogpile of Soccer Players in Fifa Video Game
    Guy Moments Away from Spilling Beer on Bride
    The Best Uses of Romney's "Amercia" App
    Romney "Amercia" App Spelling Fail
    Man Tries to Catch Giant Spider with Bowl
    Skateboarder Falls, Lands Safely
    Literal Faceplant
    Gymnast Knocks Over Sawhorse, Causes Gymnast Pile-Up

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