There's nothing that'll brighten your day than the shame and humiliation of others. There are any numbers of ways to fail epically, just make sure that when you do, someone is there to capture your embarrassment.

    Squirrel Jumps Right into Wall
    Facepalm: Laundry
    Guy Ice Skates Into Boat
    Football Player Misses End Zone While Celebrating
    Flowchart: Are You Actually Going to Study for Finals?
    Fat Guy on a Slip N Slide
    Car with Poorly Loaded Big Screen TVs
    Bicyclist Face Plants into Front Tire
    10 Bears Who Can't Seem To Stay On Their Feet
    Slip n Slide Fail
    Wee Turnip Tattoo Wrong in Several Ways
    Student Owned by Professor on Facebook
    Baseball Player Really Enjoys Messing Up
    Professor Writes Pubic Policy
    Unbelievable Walmart Savings

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