A little chubby or wildly obese, one thing is always true: fat is funny. Thanks for the laughs, fast food industry.

    Mama June Looks Like a Thumb
    Calendar Of Excuses For Why You're Fat
    Beauty Queen Serves Angry Woman Pancakes
    Fat Girl Fails to Jump Over Bar
    Fat Woman on Bike
    Large Woman Sunbathes on Block of Ice
    TLDNR: 3 More Inventions to Change the World
    Girl in Tiny Shorts Now Has Capris Muffin Top
    Would You Get With Either of These Girls?
    Two Girls Try to Pull Fat Guy Off Beach Chair
    Fat Spock Halloween Costume
    America's Largest 4G Network
    Guy Partied Way Too Hard in Chip Aisle
    Subjective Nachos
    Fat Woman Casually Eats Entire Block of Cheese

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