A little chubby or wildly obese, one thing is always true: fat is funny. Thanks for the laughs, fast food industry.

    Fat Ho Burger
    Slow Motion Air Soft Gun Belly Destruction
    What to do when your blow-up raft pops.
    Someone's gotta anchor them to the ground.
    Fat Cat Can't Jump
    Chubby Cat Doesn't Want to go on a Diet
    "Time to save the day, right after this turkey leg."
    The Meatloaf Baby's diaper covers a pig in a blanket.
    Man Stuffs Record Amount of Quarters in his Belly Button
    Lineman's 71-Yard Kickoff Return
    Fat Guy Slides Like a Walrus
    For Thanksgiving this year I baked a Cherpumple Monster Pie-Cake. It's a three layer cake. Layer 1 is a whole pumpkin pie baked into a spice cake.  Layer 2 is a whole apple pie baked into a yellow cake.  Layer 3 is a whole cherry pie baked into a white ca

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