Sometimes there's no other way to settle a dispute than with punching and kicking. Fighting is the ultimate match of physical dominance. If you can wrestle, box, kickbox or ultimate fight someone into the ground, you can get whatever you want. Only the strong survive.

A slap fest for the ages.
Hockey Non-fight
"Between the 2nd and 3rd periods at UW-Madison hockey game they usually have kids' hockey teams play for 5-10 minutes.  With about a minute left to play, the adults reffing picked up the puck for no reason. The whole student section proceeded to boo them.
Check out this fight that just broke out at a party!
408 pounds vs. 223 pounds.
I said to shake hands!
Who would in a fight, a tiger or a crocodile?
Two must enter one must leave!
Octopus vs. Shark
Fan Fight!
Coach trips rival player.
I know kung-fu.

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