Sometimes there's no other way to settle a dispute than with punching and kicking. Fighting is the ultimate match of physical dominance. If you can wrestle, box, kickbox or ultimate fight someone into the ground, you can get whatever you want. Only the strong survive.

    Old Spice Guy vs. Fabio
    Little Kickboxers Kick Ass
    Koala Fight
    Bird Executes Hit on Turtle
    Panda Exacts Revenge on Tree Branch
    The Real Batman Gets his Ass Kicked
    Dance Fight Featuring Surprise Wiener Dog
    13 Crazy Animal Fights
    Man Defeats Charging Moose with Stick and Yelling
    Ant vs Spider with Surprise Ending
    Fast Food Ninja Fight
    Cat Fights Own Paws
    Russian Hockey Fan Joins Fight
    Brutal 10-Year Old Girl Kickboxer
    Yearbook Picture Punch

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