Sometimes there's no other way to settle a dispute than with punching and kicking. Fighting is the ultimate match of physical dominance. If you can wrestle, box, kickbox or ultimate fight someone into the ground, you can get whatever you want. Only the strong survive.

    I for one welcome our new chicken overlords
    The Craziest Sports Knockouts in History
    Will Arnett In 'Take It!'
    School fights have never been so epic.
    The 10 Craziest Stage Attacks
    How could this have possibly gone wrong?!
    (manager) fight! (manager) fight! (manager) fight!
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    This cake really... takes the cake?
    Isn't that how Pokemon Red ended?
    "The light switch in the bathroom has broken, it can be fixed under guarantee, but it took a few days to get the right reference numbers. I've kept my flatmate up to date with everything, but he's started to lose his patience. Funny how when he wants to p

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