Fire: heat so hot it burst into flames. We're not talking warm. Fire is a raging inferno of temperature. If you can't stand it, put it out. You probably should put it out before it burns something. It's pretty dangerous.

    Train has Awesome Electrical Problems
    Sign fiiiiiiiight.
    Radioactive Plasma Grapes
    Awesome Firework Lights Up the Neighborhood
    Terrifying Soulless Redhead Child
    Erupting Thunder Volcano
    Sleeping Cat Surprise
    Flaming Burn Out
    Fire-Sword Fight
    Flame Gloves
    What is this? A bong for ants!?
    Man Blows Snowman's Mind
    Exploding House's Revenge
    FireHero: Guitar Hero Played with Fire
    Crazy Guy Pumped About House Fire

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