This one's for America guys.
"4 men, 1 hour, 200 Wendy's chicken nuggets."
"Sectupla Stuffed."
What's that in your mouth? Oh. Wow.
Wendy's commercials always say "Do what tastes right."
I like those odds!
"My roomates favorite drunk food! It's is a sandwich with 8 pieces of bacon, 2 cups of lard, 5 tablespoons of mayo, 6 eggs (cooked in the lard), 4 pieces of cheese, deep fried bun, tomato (the only healthy thing), and enough fat to last at least 6 days (2
"This had jack daniels a banana Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a jar of apple sauce (the plastic and the foil), windex, jelly, barbeque sauce, carrots and some Miller Light, and yes... he drank it."
Are those pickles on top of that thing?
"And they said 2 cans of creamed corn cant be funneled."

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