Football: the most American sport. Pull up a chair, tailgate, watch your favorite team throw around the pigskin. There's nothing like watching a quarterback get tackled with a mouthful of buffalo wings and beer. USA! USA! USA!

    Super Emails
    Nobody should be forced to wear a Packers jersey.
    This guy eats footballs for lunch, LITERALLY.
    Jesus: Lazy Sunday
    The graphics guy was murdered during the game.
    One gets on the others shoulders and then they run.
    How to Get Dumped: Football Season Style
    The NFL quickly revoked their new one-hand touch rule.
    "This is from a football Saturday at Notre Dame. We were walking by this group of kids playing football. My friend told them he would give them $100 if they kicked the ball off to him and he didn't run it back for a touchdown. He ran past most of the kids

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