Football: the most American sport. Pull up a chair, tailgate, watch your favorite team throw around the pigskin. There's nothing like watching a quarterback get tackled with a mouthful of buffalo wings and beer. USA! USA! USA!

This is going to be bad news for somebody.
"Batter Up!"
Bleacher Diving
Mooore funny names.
Blow on it!
Nothing says "football fan" like interrupting the game.
Two left feet.
This image is not Photoshopped.
Apparently the offense didn't bring enough kryptonite.
I had the worst Sunday. First, I missed my bus. Then, my boss chewed me out because I was late, and also I didn't do any work last week. Then I got home and found out my roommate had finished all the milk and not replaced it. Nobody has a worse Sunday tha

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