"Did i hear someone say weird necks?"
I hope he uses those to type.
Pinky swear?
Bizzare thumb week continues...
This little piggy had a little too much roast beef.
You guys and your weird fingers, you all sicken me.
"These thumbs don't bend....lets see you top that."
More extreme extremities.
In a way I hope my balls will live forever too. Not like this though. Mine shall be on a velvet cushion in the Adirondacks and fanned by a loyal army of drunk College girls. Also, they will hopefully be only half of this size.
"Saw the picture of the guy with a toe that looks like it's broken but never was, I got you beat.  My second toe is twisted at a 90 degree angle and it's never been broken" Surely one of you out there can beat this for natural toe deformities.
Sign #46 you have been playing too many video games.

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