"These thumbs don't bend....lets see you top that."
    More extreme extremities.
    In a way I hope my balls will live forever too. Not like this though. Mine shall be on a velvet cushion in the Adirondacks and fanned by a loyal army of drunk College girls. Also, they will hopefully be only half of this size.
    "Saw the picture of the guy with a toe that looks like it's broken but never was, I got you beat.  My second toe is twisted at a 90 degree angle and it's never been broken" Surely one of you out there can beat this for natural toe deformities.
    Sign #46 you have been playing too many video games.
    Six toes
    "A 2-headed snake at the City Museum in STL"
    I think I kind of see a face in it.
    "Orange Haired Freak of Nature"
    One freaky lookin' dog...
    Handicap parking for freaks?
    This is my friend, and his crazy thumbs.
    What the heck was this guy thinking?

    Nothing found...

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