funny faces

Much like a funny-name, a funny face can turn any frown upside-down. A weird smile, crossed-eyes, no nose, who knows? The most important part is you've done the smallest amount of work to make a complete stranger question your sanity.

    Goofy Face Photobomb
    Least Photogenic Shotputter
    Surprised Margarine
    Flapping Lips
    Stupid Face Bikini Photobomb
    Gale Force Winds Applied Directly to Face
    Fried Eggs Look Like They're talking
    Faces of Olympic Divers, Mid-Dive
    Slow Motion Face Flap
    Kid Enjoys First Birthday Cake
    Everything is Scary
    Face Sign Guy Spotted at NBA Game
    Girl With Dog Face
    Eggs Read The Morning Paper
    Baby Looks Hungover

    Nothing found...

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