funny names

For better or worse, some parents have a sense of humor. Some parents name their children funny names. For the rest of their lives, those children get to make other people laugh with their silly names. They were born comedians, whether they like it or not.

A Chevrolet is a hell of a car.
Shouldn't he have gone into penisology instead?
Bill Nye the Insurance Guy?
Good to know, honey.
"My friend has a buddy that works in the University registrar and when he had his ID made, his friend put this name on it. He didn't notice until two weeks later. He then told the University, who gave him free text books and fired his friend."
Dick Harris. I don't get it.
The Heroin sisters are still at large.
His parents are enormous assholes.
So we're not the only ones that noticed!
It's hard to live there.
Who doesn't like Pusey?
Knigga, please fix our broken school system.

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