Girls Making Out

Oh MAN. You, my friend, have hit the mother lode of girl and girl kissing related content. Let's be clear: there are GIRLS on this page, sometimes hot, but ALWAYS kissing. I can hear you ask: "Kissing who--or even WHAT?!" Wellsir, there's only one way to find out.

    This Picture Contains Two Girls Making Out ...
    Okay, which one of you ate garlic?
    High school career fairs have gotten really off track.
    So close. And yet, so far away.
    Tongue of War!
    Here's hoping they got stuck that way.
    Right now they're a little shy because 10 dudes are staring at them. Wait 'til they get behind closed doors, that's when the real action goes down. I'm talking tongue boys!
    "Shh! Stay very, very still and they won't know we're here."
    She's trying a new ice pop that looks like two girls.

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