If you ask us, the "battle of the sexes" was won by girls a long time ago. Not only are women smarter and cooler than guys, females also look way better in our clothes.

    Little Boy Knows the Score
    Semen Demon Tattoo
    "This is from Star Wars?"
    That Weird Dream You Had Last Night Actually Happened
    Sexy Harry Potter Tattoo
    Girl Excited About Goosebumps
    Creeping Out the Wrong Girl on Facebook
    Sexy and They Know It
    VP of Student Life Candidate's Complimentary Urinal Poster
    Lesbian Mountain

    Lesbian Mountain

    Angelina Jolie Double Sexy Leg
    Girl About to Get Hit with Nerf Dart
    No Elevator Floor Optical Illusion
    ABCD Party Goes Well
    Girl Stretching on the Train

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