If you ask us, the "battle of the sexes" was won by girls a long time ago. Not only are women smarter and cooler than guys, females also look way better in our clothes.

    Damn you, Tom Brady. Damn you to hell.
    Man I should go to the beach more often
    There's something about a hot girl in a school uniform
    A poor man's Megan Fox is still a rich man's anyone else
    When hot girls compete, you win
    Rachel Bilson in a bikini part 2: Electric Boogaloo
    I've never been so jealous of an infant
    I'd definitely 'X' her
    She's a one woman wolfpack
    Mirra Mirra, naked on my wall
    I'd show her my hammer if you know what I mean
    The one AA it's cool to tell people about getting into

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