If you ask us, the "battle of the sexes" was won by girls a long time ago. Not only are women smarter and cooler than guys, females also look way better in our clothes.

    Figure Skater Poops Out Partner
    Extreme(ly Weird) Yoga
    Cute Personal Trainer Gets the Most Out of His Clients
    Cat Does Not Approve of Photo Shoot
    Kid is Intrigued by Sexy Advertising
    Hidden Rock Babe
    Woman Uses Butt to Grip Subway Pole
    Hairy Old Guy Partying with Babes
    Hot Girl Does Math in Her Underpants
    Facebook Flirting Fail
    Girl's Makeup Will Haunt Your Dreams
    Girl Makes Out with a Camel
    Guy Surprised to See Boobs
    Bad Ass Old Lady Booty Shorts
    Frozen Couple Chills Out in a Hot Tub

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