If you ask us, the "battle of the sexes" was won by girls a long time ago. Not only are women smarter and cooler than guys, females also look way better in our clothes.

    How I Imagine TV Shows Get Pitched
    Giant Crab is Terrifying
    YOLO Girl Class Picture is Cringe-Worthy
    Gay Love Jerseys
    Hot Girl Gets Tattoo of Ikea Monkey
    Girl Fits Whole Banana in Mouth
    Funnel Prank
    Porn-O-Vision III
    Kitten Loves Girl's Boobs
    Hot Girl Holding Satan's Cat Princess
    Large Woman Sunbathes on Block of Ice
    This Girl is the Ultimate Photobomber
    Hot Girl Takes Mirror Pic with Girl on Toilet
    What You Tell Your Girlfriend's Parents vs. What You Mean
    Suggestive Safe Ad Looks Like Oral Sex

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