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Kermit put it best when he said, "It's not easy being green." It's no wonder their most famous candidate, Ralph Nader, looks so sad all the time, considering most people blame him for costing Gore the election in 2000. The Green Party is committed to ecology, grassroots democracy, ecology, non-violence, ecology, ecology, and social justice. Just remember, a vote for the Greens just takes away votes from Democrats.[[[readmore]]] *Weed?:* Though popularly depicted as being a bunch of stoners, the Green Party only supports the legalization of medical marijuana. You know, for, like, when you have a headache or are having trouble playing video games. *Social Media:* The Green Party official Twitter has ~2,400 followers, making CollegeHumor well over 100 times more popular than the Green Party. We’re also more popular than the Republicans (20,000 followers) and the Democrats (60,000 followers). So, suck on that, politics!

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