People do so many crude, lewd, and vulgar things it's disgusting. It's like the old saying goes, one man's garbage is another man's reason to vomit all over the place.

    Oooh is anyone going to eat that gumdr-oh my god.
    Stick around for the puppet show!
    "So apparently I sweat a lot when I have sex."
    You just know this isn't a women's bathroom.
    Ummmm you have some stomach in your hair.
    Look, it's like I'm making him talk. Mooooo!
    "Playing paintball, slid over a metal stake. Ripped both layers of skin off my knee cap. Wound up with 70+ stitches and a lot of pain pills!" GROSS! It looks like you got gum all over it.
    Like an onion ring in your fries.

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