People do so many crude, lewd, and vulgar things it's disgusting. It's like the old saying goes, one man's garbage is another man's reason to vomit all over the place.

    Two girls, one costume.
    That'll teach my mom not to restock the TP.
    1 Cup, No Girls
    All the more reason to switch to Skim.
    This proves it, hamburgers are magic
    Why is this shocking? Hasn
    Imagine being the woman one foot in front of him.
    This might have worked a few decades ago
    CH Live: NYC - Michael Phelps Breakfast in Five Minutes
    Let's just hope he doesn't vomit.
    Could be worse, he could have had his mouth open.
    The worst part? They are rapping.
    Now you don't have to go outside to look this good!

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