"I kinda forgot this inside a jacket for about 2 months."
Mommy, where do kittens come from?
"Unfolded the bed and I found this - no idea what the fuck it is and it smelled awful. Took a few quick pictures and then got them to clean it up. Basically, don't stay at Marriott."
It's like Fear Factor, for fun. So it's Fun Factor.
What a beautiful view.
What's the grossest thing you've ever beer bonged? How about diesel and orange juice through a pool vacuum hose wich just had chlorinated water in it (and the home of several small frogs)?
Sure, you don't want to find this in your dining halls food. The good news is you can make wishes on it. The bad news is that the wishes all have ironic twists and go poorly.
Are you reading this paper? Then yes.
What's the grossest thing you have ever done for $10?

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