As a handheld weapon, you can't do much better. Firearms are the perfect combination of swords and arrows, without the skills necessary to operate either. You know what they say: Guns don't kill people. Bullets do.

    Girl Holsters Gun In Cleavage
    Javelin Missile Surprise
    Hunter Shoots own Hat Off
    Cute Kid Hugs Sniper Rifle
    Wacky Norwegian Soldier
    Gun Control Sign Calls Out Neighbors
    Badass Kid Walks Away from Explosion
    Action Hero Lights Cigarette Like a Boss
    Insane Amount of Bacon for Breakfast
    Thug Fail
    Gnome Shoots at Friends
    Nerf's New Fall Lineup
    Rifle Recoil Flip
    Girls with Guns
    Dad's First Person Shooter Wake up

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