Handicapped Sign Suggests Walk-In
    Parking a Motorized Chair in Handicapped Spot Still Counts, Right?
    Handicapped Parking Sign Messed Up
    Hummer Parked Sideways Across Handicapped Spot
    Handicapped Access Up Ladder
    Wheelchair Basketball WTF
    Stupidity Is Not A Handicap
    Christopher Reeve Superman
    Wheelchair Rolling into Alligator Caution Sign
    Steven Hawking Handicap Parking
    X-Men Handicapped Bathroom Sign
    Disney Wheelchair Miracle
    Sexy Girl Has No Legs
    Wheelchair in Handicapped Parking Spot
    There are 10 amazing things in this photo, up to and including the wheel-chaired girl (which, if you're in a wheelchair, wouldn't you take the guy having fake horse legs as insulting?).

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