With the passage of President Barack Obama’s health care reform bill, all Americans will soon be eligible to receive government-funded health insurance. And man, does that piss some people off - so much in fact that the Supreme Court might shut it down. Though common in many developed countries, private health care in America has only been available to those with holding policies from insurance companies, like me, SUCKER! Critics of universal health care cite the massive tax burden of the program, the dangers of giving Washington control of our bodies, and the damage to our nation’s insurance companies, the last point of which is the greatest PR coup in the history of time. [[[readmore]]] *So, Can You Finally Go to the Doctor About that Thing with Your Knee?* No! Even if you can technically be insured right now, you probably haven’t filled out the appropriate paperwork. Obama hasn’t made any attempt to make insurance documents make sense because he knows how much your dad likes to yell at you about that stuff. Now, just go back to looking at gross diagrams on WebMD, like a man.

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