hillary clinton

Hated by grandmothers and adored by Women’s Studies majors across the nation, Hillary Rodham Clinton is the current US Secretary of State, former NY State Senator, and one of the many, many women who has had sexual relations with Bill Clinton. After losing the Democratic Primary to Obama in 2008, she declared her support for him and he appointed her to his cabinet, but there are now many people who think she should replace Joe Biden as the vice-presidential candidate on the 2012 ticket. Though, there is speculation that this idea was a Bill Clinton brainchild to get him back in the vicinity of White House interns. Either way, Biden seems like he’d probably be cool with it. [[[readmore]]] *Joke Patrol:* No matter how you felt in the later part of 1999, Hillary Clinton was more sick of Monica Lewinsky jokes than you were. Joe Biden still thinks they’re kind of funny. *Biggest Supporter:* Meryl Streep, since she’ll obviously be cast to play her in a movie.

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