Whether dressing up as your favorite slutty anything for Halloween, or explaining those slutty Halloween pictures to your parents at Thanksgiving, the holidays are a time to take a break from being a college student and celebrate everything that's awkward about being a college student.

    You are under arrest for moving - you totally moved.
    Treestone... always smooth.
    Twisted Christmas
    "My 7-year-old brother fell asleep quickly after consuming a monsterous amount of turkey; so my cousins thought it would be fun to pile his dinosaur toys on top of him."
    "Is it me or are Jack-o-lanterns scarier AFTER Halloween?"
    Liquor is bad for real trees, but great for fake ones.
    Super Sloppy Thanksgiving
    The Nattyivity Scene
    Oh, I think we'll be fine.
    Great Halloween costume for your car.

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