Whether dressing up as your favorite slutty anything for Halloween, or explaining those slutty Halloween pictures to your parents at Thanksgiving, the holidays are a time to take a break from being a college student and celebrate everything that's awkward about being a college student.

    "I'm an easy to get pun!"
    Pickup line for the night - "want some captain in you?"
    Meow that is a great Super Troopers costume.
    From the Island of the Misfit College Students.
    Dressed as Will Ferrell dressed as Robert Goulet.
    Not all our costumes are sexy. Unsexy mustard!
    Little Asian girls were all over him all night.
    Jared, before he found Subway.
    I have been Michael's number two guy for about 5 years. And we make a great team. We're like one of those classic famous teams. He's like Mozart and I'm like...Mozart's friend. No. I'm like Butch Cassidy and Michael is like...Mozart. You try and hurt Moza

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