Whether dressing up as your favorite slutty anything for Halloween, or explaining those slutty Halloween pictures to your parents at Thanksgiving, the holidays are a time to take a break from being a college student and celebrate everything that's awkward about being a college student.

    "Bernie is so easy to hold up, a caveman could do it."
    Ever notice how there's no female cereal characters?
    "The label on the pill container says 'Vicodin."
    Everyone's a Hallowinner!
    What did one vagina say to the other?
    A remarkably 3D cast of South Park.
    Meep meep.
    "My dad has become a bit of a legend with my friends, so what better way to honor him than to shave my head, rock the horseshoe hiarstyle, and go as myself thirty years down the road?"
    The snake, like all of you, is staring at her boobs.
    Ugg and... ZZ?
    A Barbie girl, in the Barbie world.
    The yellow and orange Fantas are lame anyway.

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