Precious Plum: A Blood Drive
    Child Flagrantly Disregards Sign
    ER Visit Reason Listed as "Unable to Eat Diarrhea"
    Expert Medical Advice
    Hey, those 6 foot party subs go bad quickly.
    What Really Happens in the ER
    Relax, it's safe.
    Urban Legend ER

    Urban Legend ER

    A true friend - "My friend got some weird virus that made his stomach swell up to the size of a basketball.  During his morphine induced coma I realized I needed a new facebook picture."
    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
    "We almost went home after he passed out, but then we thought to shame him (tux) during which he started choking on his vomit. If we hadn't shamed him, he wouldn't be alive."

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